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Be Inspired, Finding Inspiration at FI Chautauqua

Who inspires you?
A friend? A family member? A public figure? A writer? An artist?

Someone who is walking the walk and living their purpose or at least striving for living a more meaningful life?

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My Post FI Life

Financial Freedom

Welcome to an inside peek at my journey and life after  financial independence as I try and navigate a post working life.

I am looking for happiness, joy, fulfillment, strong community, loving relationships, travel and adventure.


Why did I start writing a blog a year after I quit my job?

  • Am I bored and can’t figure out how to entertain myself?
  • Maybe I’m neurotic and just need to keep myself busy all the time? 
  • Possibly, I am not creative enough to figure out how to fill my day?

Nope, none of these actually. 

Purpose of the Blog

Here are the 4 reasons of why I started writing.

  1. Learn and grow. I journaled for 100 days after I quit my job and this helped me process what I was going through.
  2.  Try new things.  I did start a food blog in 2007, however I really did not write for very long and was not that motivated. My “”why was not strong enough.
  3.  Challenge myself and expand my comfort zone.
  4. Help others if possible by sharing my journey and story.

Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you.



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Happiness isn’t something you postpone for the future; it’s something you design for the present.

–  Jim Rohn

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