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Year of the Beard

Year of the Beard

Did you know there is a beard “club” for dudes that have longer, mountain man style beards? Yep, it’s true.

Dudes with longer beards will give a little nod and slight wink to other dudes with longer beards. It is like motorcycle riders that will give little waves to other motorcycle riders, UPS drivers acknowledging other UPS drivers, or truck drivers nodding to another truck driver. The Year of the Beard begins.

42 Changes to FI

42 Changes to FI

Our 42 Changes to FI is a checklist of financial and lifestyle changes we made to help us move closer to financial independence.

Let's Hit the Road

Let’s Hit the Road

It’s summer and everyone is going on vacation, especially to the National Parks it seems. Forget that gas prices are over $6.00 a gallon in California and pushing into the $7.00 range if you need Premium. Love my Ford Fusion with 170,000 miles! So, Let’s Hit the Road!

Wonder Woman is for the Birds

Wonder Woman is for the Birds

I grew up in the 80’s with Linda Carter being Wonder Woman. I used to twirl around screaming Wonder Wooomaaan and pretending I was Wonder Woman, all the while striking a pose with my gold bracelets. I think Wonder Woman is for the Birds!

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Welcome to my Post FI Life

Wow! I never really thought I would be here doing this now. Okay, I really did not think I would have quit my day job and become financially independent at the age of 50. Well, that is not entirely true…