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Vision Board: Get Tickets Now!

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Trips of a Lifetime


Everyone always says when they retire they want to travel. Well…I have to admit, that is top on my list after getting enough sleep. I want to get out of my little bubble and experience the world a little bit for a while. Scott and I decided that this year we were going to say “Yes” to pretty much everything and travel seems to be the thing that is coming up for us right now. So, let’s book our trips and get our tickets now!  

My weekly series of vision boards sayings continues and the next most appropriate topic that came up this week was: Getting Tickets Now. This saying spoke to me as it has a call to action in it and I want to say yes to things with a bias towards action, which will help shake things up a bit. 

Vision Board for Post FI Life

Get Tickets Now, but Where?

Hawaii Post FI Life


R&R vacation

Columbia Post FI Life


Chautauqua 2022: Here we Come!

Portugal Post FI Life


Digital Nomad Retreat

Hawaii, Aloha!

hawaiiSo what is on our travel agenda for this year? Well, a bit actually.

We have a trip we already booked for April to Hawaii. We are spending a week on Maui and the second week on the Big Island. We are traveling with some friends for our Maui trip and staying in their parents vacation rental. Then we head over to the Big Island and stay with my cousin that lives there.  Suggestions of food & activities are appreciated. We have no set plans and are just going to enjoy a tropical drink or two.

This trip is recreational and I just want to sightsee, hang out and relax a bit. I can’t wait to have the cool wind in my hair, swim in the warm waters and hike to some amazing places. 

Trip Goal: Spend time with friends and family.

Columbia, Hola!

Villa de LeyvaChautauqua 2022: Here we Come!

The next big trip that we are booking right now is to Columbia and Portugal, all in one swoop! I figured we might as well hit a few continents while we are at it this September.

We have been hearing for the last several years during our FI journey about the famed Chautauqua trips of like minded FI people spending a week sharing and helping each other during their exploration of financial independence. This has been on my bucket list for a while, so we figured it was as good of a time as any to make the trip. Little did we know that it would sell out in 18 hours and got lucky to get tickets.

This is a very different type of retreat than we have been on before, so we are running a mini-experiment to see if we like this style of events and traveling. We are not sure if structured or unstructured trips are our thing, so we are going to find out.

One of the big things that is becoming more and more important to us is finding community and spending time with like minded people. The FI community has been amazing and open about their finances, struggles and pursuit of happiness, which is what we are all looking for. So for us, Chautauqua is an exploration to surround ourselves with more of those people and see what happens. So, we got our tickets for the retreat and now need to book a flight and get our tickets now!!

To find out more about what Chautauqua is all about, check out their site. Another great site I found about the city of Villa de Leyva is at Laidback Trip

Trip Goal: Spend time with friends and have deep conversations with other people in the FI community.

Portugal, Olá!

We had been thinking of spending a month in Columbia after our Chautauqua trip and then found out about a Facebook group, Over 40s Digital Nomad Retreat Group (late 2022), that is planning a retreat in Porto, Portugal for the month of September 2022. It was formed by two women that met while traveling and were looking for a way to gather digital nomads together to learn and share from each other. We liked the vibe of the group that were thinking of going, so…we are going to Portugal!

The plan is to fly from Bogota to Lisbon and then make our way up to Porto to join the group of digital nomads that are gathering there. We still need to get our tickets now!

Suggestions are welcomed for activities and places to eat!

Camino de Santiago

Camino de SantiagoWalking part or all of the Camino has been at the top of my post retirement list of things I wanted to experience. If you don’t know what the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) is, just Google it for more info. Essentially, it is a walking pilgrimage across Spain, Portugal or France to the city of Santiago. Santiago de Compostela is the culmination of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, and the alleged burial site of the Biblical apostle St. James. Cool right?!?!

I have some friends that have walked the traditional part of the Camino in Spain several times and their experience and trips sounded life changing. There is something about just walking day, after day, after day, after day, after day…that seems therapeutic and peaceful.

Crazy I know!

The interesting people that you can meet along the road, all with the same destination in mind, just walking and talking together. I love that idea and it sounds beautiful to me. Building a community along the road. 

I totally need to get in shape for this though!

The Portuguese Camino is what we are beginning to research and think that is about 175 miles. No tickets to get for this, but we are beginning the research process now. I need to get serious about hiking and getting in shape and this seems like the perfect motivator to move forward on leading a more physically active lifestyle.

Trip Goal: Spend time with friends and meet a wide range of digital nomads and see what their lifestyle is like. Walk the Camino de Santiago with friends.

Get Tickets Now - Call to Action

So this post is not to “brag” about all the places that we are planning on going, however it was pretty exciting to write about it. It is more about doing things that excite me. If traveling is one of those things right now, then let’s travel. If later this year rehabbing a house sounds like a learning opportunity for me, then let’s do that. If hunkering down and cleaning out all the clutter in my house needs to be done, then…well, maybe not!

You get what I mean.

I want my post FI life to be full of “living” and want to find things that help me learn and grow.

These last few years of COVID uncertainty seem like we have put our lives on hold waiting for all this uncertainty to be over.  One of the best lessons in all of this, is that life is full of uncertainty.

Embrace it.

There is always going to be something that we can’t control, Putin. And we can’t wait until all is well to begin doing the things in life that help us find happiness and contentment. Life is too short for that and I am not getting any younger!

So, my call to action for you is to see where you are stuck? What trench have you dug?

Take one step to climb out. Just one small action in a direction of interest and begin to find a new way to direct your post FI life and just get your tickets now!

Pomaikia’i! Buena suerte! Boa sorte! & Good luck!


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Vision Board: Get Tickets Now!

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