My Post Financial independence Life

Hey!  Jen Here.  I retired at 50 and have not looked back!  This is my story about my post financial independence life.

I worked in Corporate America for almost 29 years, sorry could not make it to 30 years, underachiever, I know.  I worked as a commercial real estate appraiser and was stressed out, tired of working on other people’s schedules, and just plain bored.  So I quit!

I’ve hit my one year mark of retiring from my W2 income.  So how have I been spending my time you might ask?  Well… let me tell you, I have been working on my “Whole Health” (physical, mental and emotional).

  • Working on my health & fitness. I have been taking a killer Pilates class and a few yoga classes sprinkled in there. My husband and I are experimenting with a whole food plant based diet that we just started to get our bloodwork numbers in-check.
  • I have been taking time to sleep and lots of morning or afternoon naps.
  • Traveling like a mad woman! I took 8 trips in my first six months of being FI. Spending time with friends and family has been important.
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My Whole Health

Physical Yoga



Mental Health


Listen to Podcasts

Emotional Heart


Connect with friends & family

No Income for the Year

Check out my guest blog post I did for Budgets are Sexy. It is a long winded story of the beginning journey into my post FI life. 

What would you do if you could not make any income for a year?

I met Joel from 5am Joel and Budgets are Sexy while on one of my whirlwind travel trips to Oaxaca, Mexico just one and a half months into being FI.  Joel inspired me to start this blog.   His blogs are fun, informative and have lots of tools for a FI journey and life.

What is Post FI Life About?

4 Reasons I Started this Blog

Learn & Grow

Learn & Grow

Try New Things

Try new things

Challenge Myself

challenge myself

Help Others

help others