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Social Capital connect with others

Social Capital connect with others and tap into the power of these amazing resources on post FI life. Here are a few sites, podcasts or posts that I recommend for further  reading/listening.

I also have some affiliate links for products. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks.

Social Capital Connect with Others


Budgets are Sexy – My guest blog post about post FI life.

Mad FIentist – His first year after FI.

Mile Hight Podcast – Does FIRE lead to happiness?

Financial Freedom Podcast – Creating a meaningful life.

Earn & Invest Podcast – Great discussions about life after FI.

Rebel Business School – Sign up for this FREE Extraordinary Life Course 


Trusted House Sitters – This is where we are currently doing our pet sits.

Mint Mobile – Our current mobile plan for $15 per month/each.

Home Exchange – We are testing house swapping and this platform that also uses points. Code: jennifer-4fff0

Fresh Print Media – My headshots were from Christina at Fresh Print Media, great for personal branding and product photography.

My Etsy Shops

Ice Breaker Printables Etsy

Ice Breaker Printables

Silly party games for all occasions.

Phone Home Design Etsy

Phone Home Design

iPhone iOS icons and wallpaper.

Interested in starting your own Etsy shop? I highly recommend the E-Printables Course by Gold City Ventures, it is how I got started. 

Etsy E-Printables Course Details

Gold City Ventures

Manifest Positive Income with Printables

Free Workshop

Seasonal Products Secrets

The Seasonal Products Secret

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