Vision Board for a Post FI Life

Vision Board for a Post FI Life

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What's your Vision?

Have you ever set up a vision board? It is a graphical board with quotes and/or photos that helps remind you of what is important in your life. 

Vision Boards can be whatever you want them to be, they can be simple or crazy like mine.  Whatever makes you feel inspired.  I think it’s time to set up your vision board for a post FI life!

Why Start a Vision Board?


Vision Board for Post FI Life

I think setting up a vision board for a post FI life is a great way to start the new year and give direction.  I am still recuperating and resting from almost one year of not working and I am a  “doer” and know that I will need projects and crafts to work on.  So I am looking ahead to the coming year and searching for some inspiration.  I still am not 100% sure of what I am going to “do” this year, but after I created my vision board, I think I have a better sense of the type of things I want to focus on. 

I challenge you to try it and test it out even if you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, let go of the process and experiment.  What can go wrong?  It’s not the end of the world if it looks like a hot mess, like mine.  Give it structure if you like that better and fulfills your organizational need.  Who cares?  It is just for you and you don’t have to share it with anyone, but if you want to share your’s with me, please send me an email when you are done, I would love to see it.

Vision Board: How To-ish

I have a girlfriend that sets up her vision board at the beginning of every year and I loved the idea. My friend has this great list to help with brainstorming ideas for your board.  Some common things to put on your vision board are:

  • Goals
    • Financial
    • Relationships
    • Health/Fitness
    • Personal Development
  •  Dreams
    • Travel
    • Work
  • Things that you want to:
    • Accomplish
    • Change
    • Keep/nurture
  • Inspiration
    • Quotes/Sayings
    • Beautiful photos
  • Questions for yourself
  • Things that:
    • Are important to you
    • Inspire you
    • Motivate you
Try New Things

Types of Vision Boards

There are several formats that you can use to create a vision board. 

Magazines for Vision Board


Cut & paste them on a poster board

Digital Board for Vision Board

Digital Board

Create in a software program like Canva or something fancier like Photoshop, etc.

Vision Board Banner by Post FI Life


Write out your ideas. Get your FREE Printable, select above

I decided to go the old fashion way and cut up magazines.

Pro Tip: A great way to get a bunch of free magazines is through your local Buy Nothing Group on FaceBook. I sent out a post and got about 30 magazines of all sorts. You never know what saying you might find in Garden & Gun. I am recycling them when I am done and putting some in our free neighborhood lending library and giving them back to the Buy Nothing Group.

Vision Board Process

Here was my process and it worked for me in setting up a vision board for a post FI life.  I think part of the process was half the fun of creating the vision board. 

  1. Tear & Go. Open a magazine and flip though it pretty quickly and tear out the pages that catch your attention or you like the quote. Don’t really think about it, tear & go…tear & go. Okay, sometimes I stopped and would read an article or get caught up on what the Kardashians are doing, but just tear & go…tear & go. 
  2. Cut outs. Now you will have a pile of magazine pages. Go through them and start cutting out the headline that caught your eye or the pretty picture of the beach in Croatia or the colors that inspired you. 
  3. Sort. I sorted the sayings and inspiration quotes from my images. I then sorta color coded the photos by color group and theme. Not necessary, but it was interesting to see what colors I gravitated towards. Another girlfriend did that with her vision board and I loved that idea too.
  4. Glue. Now start gluing. I used a pretty good sized poster board for mine since I had a lot of images, but pick whatever size board you want. I started in the middle and worked my way out, gluing down pictures. I grouped some themes like travel or fitness in the same area. 
  5. Quotes. Once I had all my photos down, I then laid out all my quotes and sayings. Select one that resonates with you the most. Look at your board and see where that saying fits. It will come to you. The quote will have a place on the board and glue it down. Rinse & repeat with as many sayings as seem appropriate. There are no rules here, have one or 30+ like me. 

That’s pretty much it. You now have the perfect vision board for you. I love mine, it is so crazy and pretty! My husband looked at it and said, “Is that what your brain is like?” and the answer is YES! I love it!

I took photos of it and zoomed in on sections and am using that as my background wallpaper for my phone. I get to see it every time I look at my phone…which is maybe more than I should be OR I can just say I am looking at my Vision Board right now, Honey!

My plan is to have a Vision Board series of posts. I am going to take each of the sayings on my board and write a post about it. There must be a reason why I picked these quotes and I think this will give me a way to dive into why that is important to me.

Stay tuned, I have 52 sayings and will try and do one a week, therefore, this will keep me busy and it will be fun to explore where this takes me. 

Vision Board for a Post FI Life - Call to Action

I hope you try some version of a vision board as you are navigating your post FI life and think it will help add some fun and clarity to what is important to you. Let me know if you create a board and what you learned from the process. Remember to have fun. 

I also came across the following site that offers Vision Board Workshops, which looked interesting with more ideas and structure too.


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