Wonder Woman is for the Birds

Wonder Woman is for the Birds

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Wonder Woman is for the Birds

Wonder Woman Vision Board

I grew up in the 80’s with Linda Carter being Wonder Woman. I used to twirl around screaming Wonder Wooomaaan and pretending I was Wonder Woman, all the while striking a pose with my gold bracelets. 

I even had the Wonder Woman Underoos? Remember those? Underoos are fun to wear, It was underwear that was essentially a costume. I had Wonder Woman, my brothers had Batman and Superman. We were COOL that way! Oh, the good old days…

Modern Wonder Woman

I know that many women think they are great multi-taskers and can think they can get all the endless things done that are on their To Do List in a day. Once the list is done, I can relax and be happy, since I’m Wonder Woman. Well, I think that is doo doo. (keeping in the bird theme here)

I have always been old school about my daily planner and used the Franklin Covey physical day planner for years during my working career. I know all about trying to get the “Big Rock” tasks done first and then work on the smaller rocks, etc. But, it always seemed easier to do all the little stuff first and check things off a list, so you felt like you were getting things done and being a Wonder Woman. 

Well, I still struggle with this after retirement. My most recent example of this was visiting my Parents last month for my Mom’s 80th Birthday. Side note: A wonderful gift of being FI is that you can spend time with family and help them out when needed.

Yes, that includes setting up a new computer, hauling rocks, pulling weeds, gardening, cooking, cleaning, running errands, shopping, helping with finances…shall I go on?!? 

There always seems like a million things to help out with while visiting my Parents, but I struggled with prioritizing what “needs” to get done vs. what “should” be done now. My Mom made a comment one morning while she was making pancakes, calling in a prescription to the pharmacy, making coffee, and taking care of my brother who was sick.  

“I’m not Wonder Woman anymore.”

Remember, she’s 80. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree!

No one, but her, expects her to be Wonder Woman. For that matter, I don’t think that anyone expects any of us to be like Wonder Woman, so why do we try? Why do we kill ourselves to get it all done? 

Well, I will tell you, we do it to ourselves! No one is expecting that we have to do it all, but for some reason we just can’t help ourselves. What have I been thinking?!? Duh! Took me 50+ years I guess to figure that out. 

Again, Wonder Woman is for the Birds!

Lesson Learned

So what lessons have I learned from this and what changes can I make so that Wonder Woman doesn’t try and take over my life again in my Post FI Life?

  • Slow down
  • Prioritize 1-2 items and let the rest go
  • Don’t try and fit it all in 
  • Eat more chocolate. That always seems to help every situation

Action Steps

I don’t think there are any magic answers to this and I know that I will forget and continue to struggle with this on and off. However, just writing about it and bringing it to the forefront is a good start in this process. I think that just realizing that trying to be Wonder Woman is not really all it is cracked up to be and that I can leave that for the actors. Wonder Woman is for the Birds!

Focus on getting the few key things done and then enjoy the rest of the time. Time I could be spending with my aging parents. 

But all of this will not stop me from twirling around from time to time and screaming Wonder WoooMaaan when the mood strikes.


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2 Responses

  1. Jen… too funny. I have pretended to be Wonder Woman for far too long. You have the right idea. Great post. You did an awful lot while you were at your mom’s birthday. Were you being Wonder Woman??????

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Wonder Woman is for the Birds

Wonder Woman is for the Birds

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